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  • Make the Dreams website is a platform for bringing together people with business ideas and investors. We are agnostic. However, it must be clarified that though we have checked the business ideas, we cannot unconditionally guarantee their success. Investors must conduct their due diligence. We also make best efforts to vet investors and assist in the process but we cannot assure people with business ideas about integrity and ethics of investors.
  • People with business ideas are free to post their ideas but these must be genuine and must not be fraudulent or with intent to defraud investors. Such members may be banned and may invite legal action too.
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Privacy Policy

Make the Dreams is fully committed to protecting privacy of its users and ensuring security. Please read privacy policy before proceeding with use of this website.

  • Users will be required to submit personal data such as name, address, contact details and even bank account details in the course of transactions. In order to register and use this site you must be 18 or older and must register in your name. All such data is kept under three tiers of security. Even then we cannot guarantee 100% protection due to nature of internet.
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