Submit business idea

Make The Dreams is a platform to Submit Your Business Ideas To Find Investor as to accomplish the dreams better than anyone else. Success is priceless and driving this with the discipline gives you never dying vision, which is crucial to your dreams. Despite of wanting them with no tries, having well-planned market strategies is utterly important.

We have thousands of Startup Business Ideas to count down on hard work and passion over the course of time. We are stretching our helping hands to the people looking for a supporting platform as to turn their dreams into the beautiful reality. All you need to do is register yourself with us to live the fantastic moments in the near future. We are waiting for your applications to serve you with the things you deserve.

“Fueling Your Dreams With The Courage And Creativity Never Let Them Cease No Matter What Comes Up Your Way.”

Do you have a unique business idea you think is workable? Are you a technocrat with a unique product or concept that you think will be accepted in the market? If yes then come to us.

Do you have the idea but no way to implement it for lack of funding? Come to us. We will help find investors.

You can prepare a write up on your business idea and explain how this is different and why it will work. Our experts will examine it and assess it to proceed further. If it is sound, you receive further communication from us. Take this chance. It could be life changing.

Guidelines for submission

Anyone can have ideas, we understand that. What we are looking for is concrete and innovative ideas that translate to business. Therefore, think this through and submit proposals for ideas that are marketable, viable and feasible.

All such information you submit will be kept strictly confidential and will never be revealed to anyone. If at all such information is given to potential investors, then it is under NDA. Your ideas are your intellectual property and are safe with us. We do not exploit or misuse it.

Follow these guidelines for submission of your project/business idea.

  • Please give full background of yourself, your qualifications and industry experience if any. If you have a background in business please specify it. If you are a fresh technocrat or a management graduate or an IT graduate do not hesitate to let us know your idea. Everyone is welcome.
  • Give a brief synopsis of your business idea.
  • Explain the idea in more details.
  • If you know of similar projects then explain how your idea is different and how it can succeed. What is the basis of your assumption?
  • If possible please outline the investment that may be necessary for your business idea.
  • Is this entirely your own idea or a group idea? Specify names of others who are connected.

Make a business plan

A novel idea is a good thing. However, in order for it to be marketable, it must be prepared in a presentable business plan that is easily understood by investors. Investors like to know the investment needed, gestation period, expenses and returns. This is where Make the Dream team will help people with ideas to prepare a marketable business plan and a project in a format that is universally accepted and understood by potential investors.