Welcome To Make The Dreams

"A Place Where You Overcome The Fear Of Failure"

Imagination encircles the world. Don’t let the dearth of investment intrude your imaginations. Find the moonlight for your own to lead your way to victory. Dreams living deep inside your heart are special for us so we make all the optimum efforts to pursue them. So don’t wait for the right moment, take the step first and make that moment right after all a journey of thousand miles begins only when you take the first step. Leave rest of all for us, our role is to help you find a good investor.

When it comes to portray a role of finding a creative planner for the investors to support some exhilarate dreams, we are the best at adding a splash of colors between both. We are a platform having thousands of plans and planners to brighten up your room. Words are simply not enough so register your own to try our bespoke services.


Who We Are

We are the dream makers. We make your dreams come true. We are technocrats and marketing experts combining our skills to help promote business. Make the Dreams website is the outcome of discussions over coffee when we were talking about exploring different directions. One idea that appealed to us was to put up a website where budding entrepreneurs could post their project and requirements of funds and investors could find such potentially profitable ideas and invest. Make the Dreams is the outcome.

Make the Dream connects budding entrepreneurs with investors. We are aware that there are thousands of business people, techies and graduates who may have fresh ideas for business. Ideas are like seeds. They need fertile ground to germinate and grow. Make the Dream could be the fertile ground your ideas need to sprout and grow. This is one aspect. On the other side are investors with plenty of spare cash looking for profitable avenues of investment. Investors can find such opportunities to invest on this site. We bring them together.

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Make the Dream works as a facilitator. As a facilitator we fulfill various roles.

What We Do

For Innovators And People With Business Ideas

People with business ideas, technocrats and innovators are welcome to use our service. Registration is simple. We examine their business idea and use our market research resources to find out viability and feasibility of their project. We give you true advice based on this research. If he/she wishes to proceed further, we shape his/her idea into a marketable business project that will align with plans investors are used to examine. We then find out investors who would be interested in the project and put forward the proposal. If interest develops we arrange discussions and meetings and take it to the agreement stage where we prioritize interests of our clients.

For Investors

There are hundreds of investors looking for profitable avenues of investment. They are welcome to examine our website and pick projects we post. On expression of interest we show them these proposals and give them our expert opinion on market possibilities. If an investor is interested we arrange a meeting with initiator of the plan and facilitate an agreement between them.

We do it all with transparency and openness in dealings while remaining impartial. While conducting dealings we insist on confidentiality from both parties to ensure that business plans are not hijacked.


Why we do

Make the Dreams is an impartial facilitator. Why do we work as facilitators when we could come across a goldmine and profit from it? The reason is that we love to bring together innovators and investors and further business. This keeps us free and it also helps us serve more people. We can devote our resources, energy and thoughts into promoting more businesses by following this path.

We believe in the Make in India dream. We believe that India has the brains and needs someone to help such idea power to translate to business power. We do it. By helping more people get into business we are helping them realize their dreams. We believe we are helping India prosper and make a name for itself as a country of innovators. It gives us satisfaction.

We observe that there are lenders and there are businesses all of whom are out to make profit or exploit ideas and situations to their advantages. There are very few like us who genuinely help people with ideas to profit from their ideas and when they do, it gives us imnense happiness. This is why we do what we do the way we do.